Bozchowski, Butts, Cobbs, Corn, Elliot, Heatherly, Henderson, Jacks, Jarrett, Jarvis, Jaschinski, Johnston, Martin, McWhorter, Parr, Pochert, Price, Schnell, Skelton, Skrobeck, Smith, Vandiver, Whitfield, Williams


Lorenz and Elizabeth Schnell

First I need to explain “Twisted Tree”.  I have been wanting to put a website up with all this data, but the “Mitchell Family Tree” just sounded blah as there so many family names that twist and wind through our history.  In a recent e-mail to a new found cousin, I signed off with “back to my twisted tree”.  So here we are!

The Blog has any updates or new information.

I started genealogy research around 1995 when I was doing Civil War reenacting in Georgia.  I wanted to become a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Immediately I discovered my Henderson line was from the North Georgia Mountains, more specifically White County and the Cleveland and Helen area.  I started finding fascinating stories and history and was bit by this bug.  I got married and had children and started working on her family and was able to trace our children back to Adam and Eve.

In early 2000, I had a major computer crash and lost not only irreplaceable family photos and work files but also all my genealogy data.  Spring 2012, I received a call from my Uncle Garry concerning a book I had put together on the Schnell Family in 1995 and he wanted to update it.  Well, I knew had all the research in 4 or 5 boxes in storage and went and dug them out.  In the very bottom of the last box I looked in was an old gray 3.5″ floppy disc.  My son had to go through his box and find an old drive to install on a computer.  The disc would not read.  We did some research and spent money on software that guaranteed to get the data.  It did, but my data was so old, none of the modern programs could use it.  I contacted Ancestral Quest, the program I had used and they graciously agreed to try and convert my data.  They recovered about 99% of the 6000 people I had.

So with all the family stories, first cousin marriages, famous cousins, insane asylums, politicians, war veterans, good guys, bad guys, and a few skeletons (and Skeltons) in the closet, welcome to our Twisted Tree!!



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